Dental Implants Melbourne

Dental Implants are one of the treatment options available to replace a lost tooth or teeth.

The Initial Consultation

  • A full medical history is the first part of the evaluation process to decide if dental implants are the right solution for you.
  • The next thing we do is evaluate the site for the implant and assess if there is enough room and height for an implant-supported crown.
  • Then we assess if there is enough bone to place the implant into without getting too close to any important structures that will cause complications.
  • If there is not enough bone, there are bone-grafting procedures which will add another step in the process. The materials used, and the costs involved will be fully explained to you.
  • The cost of a single implant is between $5500 and $6000, and will generally take from 3 to 6 months from start to finish.

What to expect

  • After the initial consultation, we take impressions for study models.
  • We will give you a referral for a 3-D x-ray scan, (I-cat scan) of the area of interest.
  • We will discuss with you how we will achieve the result you want.
  • Dr Skinner will go through all of your options and discuss the pros and cons of each one and answer all your questions.
Implant Fixture with a Crown
Implant Fixture with a Crown

Dental Implants a viable treatment option for you

  • There are other options besides implants such as a partial denture, a fixed bridge, or even possibly orthodontics to fill that space in your mouth.
  • It is not wise to place implants in a young person who is still growing.
  • Surprisingly older people were the first people to embrace implants as an alternative to dentures.

Read Dr Skinner’s post on the ‘The stages involved in getting a dental implant’ for further information.

Keyhole Surgery

  • At Dentist on Collins, Implant surgery is done using a full operating theatre protocol to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination and infection.
  • Dr Skinner operates using an operating microscope, which means the fixture is placed using a keyhole surgery method. The keyhole approach is more conservative, more comfortable for the patient in terms of minimal to no post-operative pain and avoids the need for flap surgery and sutures.
  • Patient’s find it surprisingly comfortable with very little or no post-operative pain. We will give you thorough post-operative instructions, and we are here if you have any problems.
  • Generally, 3 months later we assess the implant to see how well it has integrated.  Work will then begin to make the final restoration.
Dental Implants Melbourne
Dental Implant with crown


  • There are very few medical reasons why a person is not a suitable candidate for an implant.
  • A patient with controlled Type II Diabetes can have an implant.
  • A smoker can have an implant but the risk of failure is higher and healing generally takes longer. Obviously, it is better for many reasons that patients do not smoke.
  • For more about my training in dental implants, go to the next page My Dental Implant Surgical Training

Enquiries from patients wanting dental implants are best made with a preliminary consultation appointment. Telephone enquiries are inadequate. Each person is an individual, their individual requirements are unique. We can only assess your needs when we discuss them with you in a face-to-face environment.

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