My Introduction to Implant Fixture Placement

Dental Implant Surgical Training

In the second half of 2009, I achieved accreditation after I satisfied the examiners at the Australian Society of implant dentistry (ASID) on the three-tiered course on implant fixtures. At that time I had been doing the restorative part of dental implants for a number of years. After doing many weekend courses to surgically place implants, I felt they lacked structure and depth. I did not feel confident to start placing the fixture in my patients with so little training. I looked around for a more formal substantial training course that offered what I needed.

The ASID offered a three-tiered course which appeared logical and structured, giving me the depth of knowledge I was looking for. Level one of the course consisted of a good introduction and background on implants. Level II was a more intensive course of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and the basic science behind successful modern implant dentistry. At the end of Level II, there was an examination which some of my fellow course participants failed.

Those of us that passed level II went on to level III which involved intensive instruction on assessing patients for implant placement and the information needed to actually place the fixtures. After all the theory there was a practical session where we were able to use eight different systems to place fixtures in artificial bone. Then came the final exam. Shortly after passing the exam, I placed my first three fixtures in patients. This marked the start of my involvement in the surgical side of implant dentistry.

Since that time I have continued to place dental implants and attended many more courses. I am still a member of the ASID and my knowledge, experience and confidence continue to grow.

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