Dental Products


Oral Hygiene and Tooth Whitening Products

Although we are not a retail outlet we do stock the following products for your convenience.

GC Tooth Mousse Plus

Bio-available calcium and phosphate, with fluoride

GC Tooth Mousse Plus is a Topical creme with bio-available calcium, phosphate and fluoride. It’s available in three flavours,  vanilla, mint, and strawberry. GC Tooth Mousse Plus helps to relieve tooth sensitivity, as well as deliver extra protection for teeth.

Recaldent Chewing Gum

Recaldent® sugar-free gum is recommended for patients with an increased risk of caries or erosion.

Research shows that Recaldent helps reverse and prevent tooth decay, by replacing calcium and phosphate lost from tooth enamel when tooth decay takes place.

Available in tubs, mint flavour

Colgate Products

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

• Colgate NeutraFluor 5000 Sensitive

Colgate Optic White

Teeth Whitening

Philips ZOOM! DayWhite available.

For safe teeth whitening and excellent results, we recommend  Philips ZOOM! Whitespeed In-chair Teeth Whitening System.

To read about our Whitening Package click on  the following link: Zoom Dentist on Collins Package with a lifetime of Whitening Gel


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