It’s that time of year again!


Season’s Greetings


It’s December.  Summer has arrived and the end of year parties and BBQs have started. We hope you have achieved great things this year and go on to achieve even greater ones in 2019!

We have had a wonderful year both professionally and personally and look forward to what the new year brings.

Here at Dentist on Collins™ our goal is to continue to look after all of you and give you our best service every time, year after year. Some of the things we do are obvious, but there are many behind the scenes processes that we carry out routinely that you do not see. The most important are our infection control procedures. Things like the daily tests that we run every morning to ensure that our autoclaves are running optimally before we sterilize our instruments. The changeover process we have after each patient, that includes the changing of all barriers and the wiping down of surfaces with single-use disposable wipes before we place new biodegradable barriers for the next patient. We track all our instruments and can trace back what we used for each case and from which autoclave cycle it came from.

We take everything we do seriously because we care for you and your family’s safety. As early adopters of Accreditation for Dental Practices, we are happy to report that we are currently undergoing our third cycle for accreditation, which is voluntary for privately owned dental practices like ours.

What does accreditation prove you may ask? The following quote sums it up beautifully:

‘Accreditation demonstrates a practice’s dedication to delivering high quality care and safety to their patients.’[i]

Good oral health is part of a holistic approach to your total health. It’s been great to see campaigns in the media this year warning people on the effects of excessive sugar consumption. Like all good things we shouldn’t overdo it with sugar but we should be able to enjoy our favourite foods over the holidays. We can then balance the effects of eating our favourite goodies by being physically active, drinking more water and making sure our oral hygiene doesn’t lapse.

It’s all about balance and remember, when it comes to holiday treats what works best is: Moderation in all things!


Season’s Greetings to you all from Dentist on Collins!








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