Dental Check-up Time

Time to get your pearly whites checked. They have been through a lot this year, and now most of the time they are hidden behind a facemask… Perhaps you had to postpone treatment because of Covid, but it’s now time. Time to schedule your check-up. Make your appointment and schedule any necessary treatment before the … Read more

The Man Behind the Sign

How things have changed! Last Friday,  Richard and I were out and about with our Rotary Club. It was Rotary Melbourne’s Annual Art’s Committee Walk. We came across an old sign in the CBD. So, of course, Richard posed and one of our Rotary friends took this picture. I remember getting the artwork organised for … Read more

It’s that time of year again!

  Season’s Greetings   It’s December.  Summer has arrived and the end of year parties and BBQs have started. We hope you have achieved great things this year and go on to achieve even greater ones in 2019! We have had a wonderful year both professionally and personally and look forward to what the new year brings. … Read more

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