The Man Behind the Sign

How things have changed!

Dr Richard D. Skinner BDS (Otago) NZ
The Man Behind the Sign!

Last Friday,  Richard and I were out and about with our Rotary Club. It was Rotary Melbourne’s Annual Art’s Committee Walk. We came across an old sign in the CBD. So, of course, Richard posed and one of our Rotary friends took this picture. I remember getting the artwork organised for this almost 15 years ago, the arrow was important, we didn’t have phones with google maps in those days.

How things have changed! We are now in a world of information overload where your Instagram Feed goes at a million miles an hour. Just about all of us check a business online before we even contact it. We actually determine by what we see online as to whether we even contact a business. For us, our internet presence is important because we want you to feel comfortable when you come in to see us that you have the right place.


So what would we have done differently back then with what we know today? We would begin by adding a picture of Richard to the sign.

Take care Ari 🙂






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