Teeth Whitening

Why ZOOM! Professional teeth whitening may be for you

  • Teeth Whitening prior to restorative work. Only your natural teeth can be whitened, crowns, veneers, and composites can not be bleached. So it’s a good idea to let your dentist know that you are not happy with the colour of your teeth prior to commencing with restorations.
  • You want to feel better about your smile.
  • If sensitivity has always been a concern when it comes to whitening, ZOOM! Teeth Whitening with the WhiteSpeed accelerator has adjustable strengths to make it a comfortable experience.
  • A combination of regular scale and cleans and, perhaps,  touch-up treatments after ZOOM! WHITESPEED is all you will need to maintain your bright smile.
  • Wedding photos, you want your smile to dazzle!
  • ZOOM! WhiteSpeed technology uses a LED Lamp
  • You just want that brighter smile and know that teeth whitening is what will do the trick!

What to expect

Results with any form of teeth whitening will vary on a number of factors, including your natural teeth colour, and existing dental restorations.

If you have tetracycline stains then we recommend that you book in for an initial check-up, or whitening consultation so that Dr Skinner can advise on the treatment options available for teeth whitening that suit you.

Once you have had teeth whitening at Dentist on Collins you will be given suitable products to maintain your smile every time you come in for your check-up and professional clean – for life!

First appointment

  • Examination – this is the time when a full check-up takes place and a discussion of any treatment required
  • Whitening assessment – a discussion of whether you are a suitable candidate for whitening and what the anticipated results may be
  • Scale and Clean – the removal of calculus and stain on all teeth
  • Approximate cost: Examination $98, Scale & Clean (teeth cleaning) $140 to $195

Second Appointment

  • We start off by taking a pre-shade and picture of your teeth
  • We will isolate your gums from your teeth so that they do not come in contact with the tooth-whitening gel as this can cause discomfort
  • The application of teeth whitening gel occurs up to four times in fifteen-minute intervals, the strength of the WhiteSpeed lamp is adjusted as required depending on the level of sensitivity.
  • We will discuss post-care instructions and what food and beverages to avoid for the next few days
  • Approximate cost: $550 including GST (as teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure we are obliged by law to charge GST).

Health fund claims

Generally, health funds do not cover cosmetic procedures. Although recently we have noticed that some funds do. The item number is 118 (bleaching external per tooth) x 16 (16 equals the number of teeth bleached).

You will also be able to claim on the examination and scale and clean component of our ZOOM Package. The item numbers are 011 or 012 & 114.

*Tetracycline staining may require a phased approach to whitening.

We can claim for you on the day of treatment using HICAPS, and you just pay the gap.

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Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening
A natural result with ZOOM! Whitening at Dentist on Collins

In office whitening

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